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The UTAX GDPR Pack is designed to provide you with the best tools to assist you in working towards GDPR compliance. Offering a multi-level security system, you can feel safe in the knowledge that not only is your data secure, but your UTAX device is also working in accordance with GDPR legislation.

Authorisation, Accuracy and Accessibility ensure secure business operations

Knowing that everything you send to your print device is stored on what is essentially an internal hard disk, you can see how this could pose a security risk. With the UTAX GDPR Pack, you get a triple overwriting standard that renders the restoration of data almost impossible, so there’s no risk of any data being left behind on your hard disk.

For your eyes only

Don’t want to risk your print job falling into the wrong hands? The UTAX GDPR Pack offers a variety of security features to ensure total protection of any print and scan jobs sent to your device, such as PIN release and ID Card Authentication. This eliminates the risk of confidential jobs becoming accessible to any one other than you.


  • Multiple levels of security depending on your need.
  • User Authentication protects information by controlling access to the information after identifying an authorised use of the MFP/Printer.
  • Authentication Modes allow for your UTAX MFP/Printer to authenticate users via things such as user data that is registered on the local network, or via an authentication server.
  • ID Card Authentication, with the ability to pair with password protection to ensure maximum security.


  • Operations on UTAX MFP/Printers can be restricted, meaning access to the data store on them will be restricted as well.
  • Access through the device’s interfaces, such as USB device, USB host and the Optional Interface slots can each be blocked.


  • HDD/SDD encryption of documents and user data automatically before they are saved to the hard drive.
  • Overwriting the data is no longer required and memory areas from which data has been “logically” deleted.
  • Triple overwriting as standard, meaning the same area is written over twice with a random pattern, and finally with zeros.
  • Security Data Sanitisation at the device end of life, removing any data remaining inside the MFP/Printer.


If you would like to know more about how we can help you and your UTAX device meet the needs of GDPR within your business, please feel free to get in touch.



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